Back-to-back houses and their communities in 21st century Leeds

This is a project about the back-to-back houses in the Harehills Triangle.

I want to work with people to

discover the memories of back-to-back living in times past, that have been passed on to the current communities

find out what living or working in a Harehills back-to-back is like now – what people value or dislike about the design and character, and social and historical aspects of the houses and the neighbourhood

and understand how people live, and would like to live in their houses

So that we can develop a strategy together for protecting what is valued and creating what is desired, giving the back-to-backs and their communities a future that is both compatible with their heritage and other values, and the way that their communities want to live in them.


The research began in 2015 and is expected to be complete by 2020.

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